Albert Rettew.jpg

Name: Albert Rettew

Age: 35

Hometown: Fort Wayne

Months/Years Lived in Fort Wayne: 25 years (in Indiana)

Business Name: PHAT Workshop

Year Established: 2017

Atrium Member Since: February 2018

Current Membership Type: Pro Desk


Links to any Social Media / Web Site / Email: t - @albertrettew

ig - @phatalbert

e -



In one or two sentences, can you describe what you/your business does?

PHAT Workshop is a content creation house producing films, episodic shorts, and comics.


What do you find most challenging about being an entrepreneur? What’s most rewarding?

What I find to be challenging is not having a particular resource, but learning how to create or cultivate that resource to be used in my business. The most rewarding thing about being an entrepreneur is knowing how to communicate my needs with others and seeing the possibilities of those relationships.


In what ways has your membership at Atrium helped you and your business?

Being at Atrium has provided a stable overhead to operate out of. I am also happy to be in an environment where I can see others progress their ventures.


Where do you see yourself/your business three-to-five years from now?

Well, I see myself having a good relationship with a film producer; that should mean I am getting my content out in the market.


Why have you taken the path of starting and running your own company?

I've always been a self-starter, independent thinker, and an adventurer with a high tolerance for pain; starting my own business is a logical path.


If you could give one piece of advice to someone who’s thinking about starting their own business, what would it be?

Don't think about money--think about your idea/product and flesh that out.