Emily Baransy

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Name: Emily Baransy
Age: 29
Hometown: Ottawa, Ohio
Years Lived in Fort Wayne: Six

Company Name: Grantmakers In Aging
Position: Program Manager
Length of Time as Employee: One year

Atrium Member Since: May 2017
Current Membership Type: General


Can you briefly describe what the company you work for does?

Grantmakers In Aging is a national membership organization that is dedicated to improving the experience of aging. We utilize networking, education, resources, and events to support our members’ grantmaking.

Does your work with Grantmakers In Aging fit in with your educational and professional experience?

It does. I am a licensed social worker, and although I never imagined myself in this job when I was in college, I have developed a passion for improving the lives of older adults. Within the next decade, we will see huge demographic shifts in the United States. Older adults will soon outnumber children under the age of five for the first time in history. And it’s no secret that our society is unprepared to handle this boom. I’m glad to play a small role in making sure older adults are valued throughout their entire lifespan.

In what ways has your membership at Atrium helped you with working remotely?

Working at Atrium has allowed me to maintain structure and focus in my work. It also allows me to separate my home and work life. And I occasionally use it to correct people who think working from home means sitting in your pajamas all day doing laundry!

What are the challenges that come with working remotely? What would you say are the benefits?

The company I work for has three employees: the CEO, another manager, and myself. That means we all wear multiple hats and are spread pretty thin. Communication is key to make sure the jobs are getting completed, and technology plays a big role in helping us stay connected. Strangely, I have found that working remotely has provided me with more focus. Perhaps it is the lack of distraction from other office mates or the avoidance of lengthy in-person meetings?

Do you have any professional goals for this year that you’re currently working on?

I have been asked to take on some increased responsibility in our financial management, so I have been working on getting some additional education and understanding about our financial statements. 

Learn more about Grantmakers in Aging.

Member Highlight Provided by Atrium Team Member Jack Cantey