Justin Sheehan

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Age: 25
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Months/Years Lived in Fort Wayne: 22 years
Business Name: Crown Jewel Marketing
Year Established: 2011 (in high school)
Atrium Member Since: Early 2017
Current Membership Type: Private Office


In one or two sentences, can you describe what your business does?

We know how hard it is for businesses to reach the right customers, so we become their marketing team by first creating a clear and compelling message using storytelling. Our clients have marketing that works, more customers in their doors, and the freedom (and less stress) to grow their business like crazy.


What do you find most challenging about being an entrepreneur? What’s most rewarding about being an entrepreneur?

Challenging: Capacity, time, multiple hats. What do I say yes to, what do I say no to?! When I struggle with this, though, I think about that the fact Elon Musk has the same amount of time as I do.


Rewarding: We get the opportunity to impact difference makers (like other entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders), who in turn impact other people’s lives. That’s why we’re in business.


In what ways has your membership at Atrium helped you and your business?

Atrium stepped in when we needed it the most. My previous office burnt down. I found that out at 6:30 AM, called Atrium at 8:30 AM, and had my new “office” unpacked there by 9 AM. Without Atrium, I would have been attempting to work from my house or overpaying for average office space.


Not only that, Atrium became a place for me and my team to have a community with other creatives and entrepneurs. Whether it’s a random white board session or just having engaging and humorous conversations, community is something we really value, but was missing at our previous office.


Where do you see yourself/your business three-to-five years from now?

I see Crown Jewel Marketing as a company that will help build other companies; every startup needs marketing, right?! I do have big visions for Crown Jewel and other companies, but I enjoy the journey way too much to just focus on that. The journey is the destination for me.


Why have you taken the path of starting and running your own company?

Being an entrepreneur was always my dream job, but growing up, there were very few opportunities to explore owning a business as a “career path.” My ideas were discouraged, even shut down at times, and I was told to “just go to college.”


It wasn’t until I met my business mentor, Bob Nelson, when I was 18 years old, that I realized I could start a business, even in high school. Bob exposed me to entrepreneurship, encouraged me, and showed me what being a business owner was like. He even introduced me to my first client, which is when I started Crown Jewel Marketing.


If you could give one piece of advice to someone who’s thinking about starting their own business, what would it be?

Just try it. Like you would for any new job or college, research the thing, job shadow, talk to people about it, and just try it out. This might be the career path for you, don’t waste it! If you don’t know what that business is, here is a simple equation:

What are you passionate about + what are you good at (or have potential to be good at)
+ what has market potential (does it solve a problem or add value?) = Your Next Business

Learn more about www.crowjewelpro.com


Member Highlight Provided by Atrium Team Member Jack Cantey