Atrium Member Onboarding

Membership Agreement - Click here to access our Membership Agreement.

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Downtown Parking Information - Atrium & Start Fort Wayne do not endorse any specific parking. Information about downtown parking can be found on the Downtown Improvement District's website. Please contact individual lots for more information.

Member Conference Room Booking Instructions - Click here for a quick guide for new members to learn to schedule the conference rooms.

Rental Policy - Click here to read our rental policy for conference rooms.

Printer Set-up Instructions - Click your computer type for a guide to set up your Mac or PC to use the Atrium printer.

Copying Login - To login to the Atrium printer, first choose "Guest" in the upper-right hand corner. Then touch the dropdown that says "User Name/Password" and choose only "User Name" and enter the username emailed when membership was established. Then touch "Log In."

Scanning - Touch the "Email" icon then touch the address book icon next to the "To" field. From there, choose your name and hit "Add." Then touch the "Send" button.

Holiday Schedule - Click here to see the holiday schedule for when the Atrium will not be staffed. (24/7 members have access anytime.)

Reach us at 260.969.9393 or

We're staffed Monday-Friday, from 8a to 8p